• Week 1 training : Ice Creams

    Posted on July 21, 2013 by in Baking

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    Party Outfit Ice Cream Desert

    Sencha Green Tea Ice Cream1My first week training was all about Ice Creams and Iced Deserts.
    Ice creams are easy to make. If one has some equipment and a decent fridge and freezer. Making ice creams and sorbets takes very little time. It should always be donne sometime in advance then churned and strored in a freezer.

    Ice creams can be served as is but can also compose very nice plated desert in summertime. The ice cream cup/glas/plate, can be composed according to one taste by adding fresh fruits, coulis, tuiles, chantilly cream roasted nuts etc…

    One can also make sophisticated deserts with either ice creams and/or sorbets with various sponges, crunchy bases and/or creamy chocolate layers.

    From the teacher’s comment, ice cream is a good business. One can earn a very decent income.

    I still have to write my notes and save them on my computer before writing a new post. don’t worry I am half way on Entremets. Soon you’l have a post on these marvelous deserts.

    See you then.Lila with the Chef


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  1. andre@theflourstation.co.za says:

    Bon jour Lila, the macarons are looking good! I baked some croissants this weekend and they were so good.

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