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    Posted on June 10, 2013 by in Baking, Blog

    II have decided to escape this winter and rather take advantage of the French summer to attend a ” Pâtisserie Perfecting Session” Summer Campus in France at  “Ecole Supérieure National de Pâtisserie”


    patisserie trainingESNP

    Since I’ve introduced my tailor made “ONEonONE”  trainings in the Food & Home Magazine, I am rather busy and booked long in advance .

    This  in a way makes it much easier to manage bookings and prepare training as those who attend this kind of training are either professionals or very passionate about baking.

    Because I am continously baking and transmiting skills and techniques, I thought it will be good if I update my own skills  and add some new trends and techniques to my curiculum which will be a plus for my clients.

    Baking is an exact science therefore needs accurate knowledge.   I will be learning the following:

    • French techniques
    • Organisation and methodology
    • New recipies
    • Developping new textures, tastes and flavors
    • Improving the visual aspects and the design
    • Using top professional equipment


    • Revision of traditional French pastry
    • Classics with a modern twist
    • Contemporary tarts
    • Trendy entremets
    • Chocolate and confectionery
    • Fashionable plated desserts
    • Latest trends in ice creams and sorbets
    • Viennoiserie and Bread
    • Catering (savory verrines, petits fours, etc.

    I have decided while training this French summer, to share with you my daily experience and pictures of what I will learning and tasting, so watch this space for an exciting experience and some good tips.

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  1. jennylandey says:

    Hello Lila, I’m really looking forward to your first post from your school. Love, Jenny Landey

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