• Fruit Clafoutis

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    Fruit Clafoutis

    Here my Fruit Clafoutis recipe.

    This desert is very easy and quick to make. No need of any special utensils or ingredients. I am sure you all have sugar, flour, milk or cream, eggs and butter at home! You just need individual or a large ramequins to bake the clafoutis.

    You need the following ingredients
    600g fresh cherries
    2 extra large eggs
    120g sugar
    100g flour
    330ml full cream milk or cream for more richness
    25g butter to grease the baking dish
    some almonds powder and fleked
    Vanilla powder

    Preheat the oven at 200°C.

    Wash the chosen fruits (a traditional clafoutis is with cherries when in season with or without pips)
    But you can choose any seasonal fruits preferably sweet and juicy.

    Prepare the clafoutis sauce.

    Mix together the eggs, vanilla powder, sifted flour, sugar in a large bowl

    Use a whisk to conbine all ingredient to a smooth mixture. Add the milk and mix again
    Grease the rameqin to unmould easely.
    Place more than a half of fruits in the baking dish.
    Pour the egg mixture over the fruits, top with the rest of the fruits.
    Sprinkle some almond powder and some flaked almonds.
    Bake for 30 minutes,maybe a little more if in a large dish depending on your oven temprerature.


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