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– You are a Professional looking to improve your knowledge & skills or wish to add a French touch to your menu

– You want to learn a new profession through intensive hands-on classes

– You want to grow professionally and get a better job by taking French pastry classes

– You are a student in Hospitality industry and want to improve your knowledge of French Pastry as a plus in your CV

– You are a passionate amateur of good pastries and would like to improve your French pastry skills by taking some hands-on classes

We propose  extensive hands-on training covering the basics and much more of French pastry.

A SPECIAL 4 Week Hands-on training in French Pastry Techniques organised in sessions of  5 hours/daily   with specific content to cover most of French pastry. Sessions are organised to complete each other and/or prepare for more advanced levels as well as  practice workshops to do own production to make sure you can repeat the work without mistake.
Cost of the 4 weeks Monday to Friday (100 hours) training R32.000

For other options see bellow to choose one or more sessions to suit your needs


-You will learn technics, equipment use, how to choose ingredients, storage, hygiene and shelf life of your products
-You will learn to prepare a range of pâtisseries from classical to contemporary as you will produce a selection of French pastries, including croissant, brioches, cakes, filled choux or éclairs, traditional and sophisticated tarts, millefeuille, madeleines, financier, fruits coulis, creams & mousses, etc… during your training sessions.
-This professional training will give you a thorough understanding of French Pâtisseries. Attendees on the course will go away with a great base level knowledge of Patisserie enabling them to use their new skills immediately.

-In addition you will get to take away some of the delicious products created during the course.



1) You can choose one session with a specific content to  YOUR requirement, agreed on beforhand.
2) You can choose few sessions with contents completing each other to learn specific products also to YOUR requirement, agreed on beforhand.


  • -1 x session =R1700
  • -2 x sessions =R3400
  • -3 x sessions =R5100
  • -4 x sessions =R6750
  • -5 x sessions =R8450
  • -6 x sessions =R10150
  • -7 x sessions =R11800
  • -8 x sessions =R13400
  • -9 x sessions =R15200
  • -10 x sessions =R16800
  • -11 x sessions= R18500
  • -12 x sessions =R20200
  • -13 x sessions =R21900


1) Classic French pastry doughs Part one :  Croissant Dough for croissant, pain au chocolat and pain aux raisins. Brioche Dough for brioche Nanterre/loaf, Parisian brioche and cream & candied fruit stuffed brioche or cream & sultana stuffed brioche.

2) Classic French pastry doughs Part two :Pâte brisée for various savoury tarts like mushrooms & chives with mature cheese or spinach & salmon or even sweet tarts like French milk tart (Parisian Flan) or apple tart Tatin. Pâte sablée (shortcrust pastry) or sucrée for various sweet tarts like almond cream and pear tart or crème pâtissière and fresh fruit tart.

3) Pâte feuilletée (puff pastry) Part Three : Classic or inverted methods for vanilla or chocolate  mille-feuilles and many other applications even savoury ones ; with meat or fish for exemple.

4) Choux pastry Part Four: Choux pastry is very important in French classic deserts & confection. We’ll do  various applications such as mini choux filled with Chantilly cream or flavoured crème pâtissière (custard) for Eclairs & Religieuses, Crème Anglaise for Profiteroles filling. There are also many applications to savoury items…

5) Classic French sponges Part One: Biscuits and Sponges such as Génoise, dacquoise, biscuit à la cuillère sponge for layered cakes such as Charlottes or Bavarois or strawberry cake or choclated mousse cake with a crunchy base…

6) Classic French creams  Part Two: Crème Pâtissière (custard), Crème anglaise (ice cream base or a side cream for chocolate cakes, Crème mousseline, Crème au beurre (butter-cream) for layered cakes, Chantilly cream, Crème bavaroise or Crème Mascarponne for various layered cakes and Deserts

7) Classic French mousses Part Three: Fruits or Caramel  Mousse for layered cakes  or individual sophisticated deserts. Black, milk or white chocolate mousses for various cakes & deserts. Various Ganaches for macaron fillings and other plated deserts

8) Home Made Jams/Nutella, Caramel with salted butter, fruit coulis, chocolate sauce, liquid caramel, compotes, orange/lemon/grappefruit marmelades, curds (for a non commun breakfast, for deserts or use to make various cakes).

9) Tea Time with French Petits Fours : Madeleine , Financier, langue de chat, sablés, brownies, cake logs lemon/orange/chocolate/ courgette with or without butter etc…, and many other varieties and flavours .

10) French high tea with sophisticated Petits Fours : Various mini pâtisseries like mini sophisticated tartlets, baby religieuse, mini perfect choux, mini mousse cakes or mini opera, individual deserts in mini glasses. etc…

11) The crown jewel of French pâtisserie: The Parisian macaron: You will learn all about the French macaron, from the shell making to various fillings: classical sweet ones and even savoury.You will also know how to decorate, presente, store and consume these delicate pâtisseries.

12) Sweets Workshop : Nougat, soft caramel, Fudge, Mashmallow,  Chocolate truffles, calisson etc…

IMPORTANT : (The content above is for reference only and is subject to changes or adaptation to individual requirements or ingredients availability).



In the unfortunate event that, for whatever reason, you are unable to make it to the training: THREE WEEKS   before the course, you will be offered the choice of an appropriate alternative or a 60% refund.

After that, NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN, but with at least TWO WEEKS notice we may agree on another date of training.
Alternatively, you can send someone in your place or forfeit.

We apologise for any inconvenience – The above conditions are necessary as most of the ingredients are purchased and classes planned long in advance according to bookings.

In the unfortunate event that our training cannot take place, you will be offered the option to choose between an appropriate alternative or a full refund.


Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.